Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday – the start of Lent. I was telling my children today that Christians often “give up” something for Lent. But, I explained, it has to be something that will give us a daily reminder of the sacrafice of Christ on the cross. No, it doesn’t have to be dramatic (though is can be), but it does need to be something that will allow us to daily reflect and pray every time we consider this small sacrafice we have chosen to make in our own lives. You know you’ve chosen the right thing when it is the first thing you thought of that you really do not want to give up. Bingo. 

Many women I know have done chocolate. While I do consider chocolate to be an essential part of daily life, I know I could give it up much easier than, say… online shopping (my bingo). So, this is a link for those of you who have chosen something other than chocolate to give up for Lent… such as… meat? dairy? eggs?

This is the perfect recipe for us for a few reasons, first that we have a life-threatening peanut allergy in our home that prevents me from enjoying my absolute favorite childhood candy bar… the Butterfinger. Of course, being vegan (and no longer liking milk chocolate) also prevents me from indulging. But, when I came across this recipe, I thought… why not give it a try using sunbutter instead of peanut butter. I can tell you… this recipe is seriously awesome. It is much easier than you might think (takes minutes), it works just like it is supposed to… and it is such a wonderful little treat. My only warning… cut them small (squares) or else, you will find yourself eating them WAY too fast. 

In this recipe, Katie provides options for some of the ingredients, so I will tell you what I used:

agave (not honey)

Organic corn flakes – crushed (not bran flakes)

Coconut palm sugar (not xylitol or processed sugar)

While you are there, check out some of her other recipes – she does some very fun and creative desserts. 

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